NICE Community Portal FAQ’s for CCTV owners

General Documents Uploaded on February 1, 2022

Your CCTV cameras can help Lancashire Constabulary deter and solve crime. Registering your cameras will
streamline the information exchange, making it easier for Lancashire Constabulary to identify which of your
cameras may have evidential footage and will it simplify the process of making it available to the Investigating
“NICE Investigate is a Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS).
This software tool helps Lancashire Police to manage digital evidence
associated with an investigation. The software improves the way that
Lancashire Police can collaborate with businesses and organisations to
collect digital evidence electronically, making it quicker and easier.”
NICE Investigate speeds up the
entire digital evidence collection,
discovery, analysis, management,
notification and sharing process.
It improves the way Lancashire
Constabulary work by eliminating
manual, time-consuming evidence
collection and analysis activities,
ultimately helping investigators
close more cases faster.
Investigators can now spend less
time gathering and organising
evidence, checking and rechecking
to ensure they have everything and
have more time for investigating.
NICE Investigate makes it easier for
business and organisation to share
digital (often CCTV) evidence with
Lancashire Constabulary.
By registering with the system it
enables Lancashire Constabulary
to request the relevant footage
from you via NICE Investigate. You
will receive an email notification
asking you to provide the relevant
footage associated with an
The footage now longer will need to
be download to a memory stick or
burnt to a CD. The system enables
you to send the footage via an
online portal quickly and easily.

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