NICE Privacy Notice in conjunction with Lancashire Constabulary

General Documents Uploaded on February 1, 2022

This Privacy Notice has been created to make it easier for you to understand what personal data Lancashire
Constabulary processes about you, how and why in connection with the registration of businesses into NICE investigate
(a digital evidence management solution) and the subsequent digital evidence that may be shared.
It meets the requirements placed upon the Chief Constable by the General Data Protection Regulation (Articles 13 and
14) in relation to general processing and the Data Protection Act 2018 (Section 44) in relation to law enforcement
It should be read in conjunction with, the force’s general Privacy Notice which can be accessed from the home page of
Lancashire Constabulary’s internet site. This high-level Privacy Notice provides you with complete details of the rights
you have relating to the personal data we hold about you now and any personal data we might collect about you in the
If you have received a hard copy of this Notice and do not have access to the internet but require a copy of the
Lancashire Constabulary Privacy Notice, please contact the Lancashire Constabulary Data Protection Office (contact
details below) and they will provide a copy to you.

04 Privacy Notice