Help Lancashire Constabulary to fight crime by registering your security cameras

General Documents Uploaded on February 1, 2022

Lancashire Constabulary
Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)
Register in 5 Easy Steps:
Your security cameras can help Lancashire Police deter and rapidly solve crime. Register them with us to
streamline information exchange. Empower the Police with the evidence needed to bring criminals to justice, and
do so more effectively. Make your neighbourhood a safer place for your business and for the entire community.
Benefits to YOU include:
• Your information is always kept safe and secure and never made public.
• Only authorised Lancashire police personnel can see it.
• This service is provided free of charge, remains 100% voluntary and you can cancel anytime.
• A request to share evidence is sent via email making it quick and easy (no need for disks / USB’s!).
• Most CCTV file types are supported and playable including audio files and documents.
• Add your CCTV cameras to help keep business/communities safer and help our investigations.
• More details on guidance and support is available on request


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