NICE Investigate Overview for Businesses (Lancashire Constabulary)

General Documents Uploaded on February 1, 2022

NICE Investigate is the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based solution for managing investigations and
digital evidence, leveraging the ultra-secure Microsoft Azure Government cloud. NICE Investigate meets the FBI’s
rigorous CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) requirements. It has earned the CJIS ACE Compliance Seal
from Diverse Computing for NICE Investigate following a rigorous 553-point review of the solution.
NICE Investigate automates and speeds up the entire evidence collection, discovery, analysis, management,
notification and sharing process. It improves productivity by eliminating manual, time consuming evidence
collection and analysis activities, ultimately helping investigators close more cases faster. Investigators can now
spend less time gathering and organising evidence, checking and rechecking to ensure they have everything and
have more time for investigating. Prosecution is able to be certain they have all evidence for trial that is available
and are immediately notified when there is new evidence so they can invest their time in trial strategy and
formulating legal arguments for successful prosecutions.
NICE Investigate is the only end-to-end solution to address digital evidence management challenges through the
complete life-cycle of an investigation. It does it through three innovative application portals: the Community Portal,
the Investigation Portal, and the Prosecution Portal.
By centralising access to information and standardising processes through predefined workflows, NICE Investigate
Portals promote tighter collaboration among communities, satellite agencies, investigators and prosecutors. This
enhances the effectiveness of law enforcement, while tracking continuity of evidence as it is collected, organised
and distributed. It also encourages the adoption of consistent, repeatable, efficient processes.

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