Minutes 4th May 2022

Minutes Uploaded on May 6, 2022


Minutes of the meeting of Dutton Parish Council, held at Dutton Hall, on Wednesday 4th May 2022.

Present Councillors J Hargreaves, M Collinge, E Parker, A H Penny, M Whalley,

Clerk Mrs C Penny, Volunteer Assistant N Poovathumkadavil and parishioner Sharan Chakkyath Jayaram

 2205.1. Election of Chairman   Jim Hargreaves

 Proposed   M Collinge                                                                                                         Seconded E Parker


and Vice – Chairman   Elizabeth Parker

Proposed M Collinge                                                                                                           Seconded M Whalley


2205.2. Apologies for Absence All Councillors were present


2205.3. To confirm minutes of Council meeting held on  2nd March 2022


2205.4. To consider Matters Arising from Minutes

Tree planting – Clerk to produce poster to put up around Parish and to advertise on website – 3 words for directions: drip; prongs; butterfly.


2205.5. Planning Applications

Planning Application No: 3/2022/0394 Grid Ref: 366298 438258 Proposal: Construction of a building for agricultural machinery storage Location: Carlinghurst Farm Huntingdon Hall Lane Dutton PR3 2ZT   Councillors to advise clerk if they have any objections when studied at home.


2205.6. Finance:

  1. Accounts for year end 31st March 2022                                                                
  1. a) Certificate of Exemption was confirmed and signed by Chairman and Clerk
  2. b) Annual internal Audit Report is still to be completed
  3. c) Section 1 of Annual return – Annual Governance statement has been completed
  4. d) Section 2 of Annual return – Annual Accounting statement 2021/22 was approved by the council

  1. LALC invoice for Annual Subscription a cheque for £48.04 was approved and written.


2205.7 Reports from outside Committees and Election of representatives for 2022/2023


Parish Council Liaison Committee  Cllr J Hargreaves


Knowle Green Village Hall   Cllr E Parker


LALC  Cllr M Collinge

Cllr E Parker reported that Knowle Green council meeting for April was cancelled. She was aware that the hall is being refurbished and their film nights have started. They are planning a BBQ on 3 June to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.


2205.8. Correspondence

The Clerk received an email from Ribble Valley CAB thanking the council for its donation.


2205.9. Other matters brought to the Council Meeting

Cllr Collinge spoke to Mr. Tom Myers, a parishioner who has agreed to have the council noticeboard inset into his boundary wall when he rebuilds it.


2205.10. Date of next meeting  15th June 2022