Minutes 2nd March 2022

Minutes Uploaded on May 1, 2022


Minutes of the meeting of Dutton Parish Council, held at Dutton Hall, on Wednesday 2nd March 2022.


Present: Councillors J Hargreaves (Chairman), M Collinge, E Parker, A H Penny, M Whalley,

Clerk Mrs C Penny, Volunteer Assistant N Poovathumkadavil


2203.1. Apologies for Absence All Councillors were present.


2203.2.  The minutes of the meeting held on 26th January 2022 were confirmed by the meeting and signed by the Chairman.


2203.3. To consider Matters Arising from the Minutes


2201.3.b) Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting The best size of tree found is of Quercus Rubra which should have good red leaves in Autumn. There are other unusual Oak trees, but they would be small when planted. It was agreed by the council to plant a Quercus Rubra (Red Oak). The tree will be planted on Thursday 2nd June at 3pm and it will be followed by afternoon tea at Dutton Hall for anyone in the Parish who would like to attend.


2203.4. Planning Applications There are no new planning applications.

2203.5.  Reports from other organisations


Knowle Green Hall Cllr Parker reported that she attended the meeting on 14th Feb and the discussion centred around film night and Jubilee celebrations. Film night is now being established for the 3rd Friday in the month starting in March. They are having a Jubilee BBQ on Friday 3rd June at 4pm.


2203.6. Finance


The Clerk advised that the full precept had not quite been spent yet although £60+ a year will now be spent on bank charges. The Council agreed to send a donation in line with recent years of £125 to the Ribble Valley Citizen’s Advice Bureau. A cheque was issued.


2203.7. Councillor Code of Conduct


It was confirmed that the Code of Conduct which the Parish Council had in place at the last Parish election would be continued with until the next parish elections when the matter would be looked at again.


2203.8. Correspondence


Flyer advertising Covid-19 Vaccine at home service available to all over 12 years and above. This is a new initiative launched by the NHS. For more details, refer to the information available on the Dutton parish website.


2203.9. To consider any other matters brought to the meeting


Cllr Holden advised that during Christmas he had cut back the Laurel tree and other plants growing on the roadside at the Dingle. He was unable to reach to the top of the tree with his equipment to take the height out. He was thanked by the Council for doing this work and it was agreed to enquire if someone with hedge cutting machinery would be able to cut the bushes back further and take the height out.


2203.10. Date of next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 4th May at 7.00pm

at Dutton Hall, Gallows Lane.  To be followed by the Annual Parish Meeting.