Minutes 27th October 2021

Minutes Uploaded on November 30, 2021


Minutes of the meeting of Dutton Parish Council, held at Dutton Hall, on Wednesday 27th October 2021


Present: Councillors M Collinge, Bill Holden, E. Parker, A. H Penny and M Whalley, Clerk Mrs C Penny, Volunteer N Poovathumkadavil


2110.1. Apologies for Absence Cllr Jim Hargreaves was under the weather and Cllr M Collinge, the vice chairman presided over the meeting.


2110.2.  The minutes of the meeting held on 8th September 2021 were confirmed by the meeting and signed by the vice chairman.


2110.3. To consider Matters Arising from the Minutes

There were no matters arising that were not dealt with in other agenda items.


2110.4.  Planning Applications

There were no new applications other than those circulated between meetings.  RVBC has approved the application for Dutton Manor Mill.

2110.5.  Reports from other organisations

Knowle Green Village Hall Cllr Parker attended the meetings at Knowle Green Village Hall on 13 Sept and 11 Oct. There are discussions about improving the hall by building an extension, installing new toilets, a cloakroom, bar and doing some general repairs etc using the funds they have in the bank account. They received a grant from the Government pandemic fund. With an improved hall, the councillors are hoping that they can organise film nights, horse racing nights and can also expect to get bookings for the hall for private functions. Although there is a lot of enthusiasm around the idea of improving the hall, there are also concerns about the increased competition from Ribchester, Longridge and Hurst Green halls which have all seen recent improvements done to them. There are also discussions about sending out welcome packs for new residents of the area. The next meeting will be on 8 November 2021.


2110.6. Finance

A cheque for £360 towards website improvement was signed by Cllr Whalley


2110.7. Website

  1. a) Mellor Parish wanted to know whether having a website and being on social media has helped our parish. As it has not been too long since we have started using them we cannot talk about the results yet. Not all parishioners of Dutton are aware of the website. Cllr Collinge filled out the questionnaire and sent it back to Mellor.


  1. b) News about Ribble Valley Task Force and Knife Angel sculpture installation at Blackburn Cathedral has been added to the website.


2110.8. Correspondence

  1. a) RVBC clerk is due to attend a meeting on code of conduct on 3 November 2021.


2110.9. To consider any other matters brought to the meeting

  1. a) Mr Tom Myers has agreed to continue to keep the Parish noticeboard at the Dutton Manor Mill.
  2. b) Cllr Collinge discussed the need to spread the word about the website to all parishioners at Dutton.


2110.10.  Date of next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 1st December at 7.00pm

at Dutton Hall, Gallows Lane.21 10 27 Minutes