Minutes 26th January 2022

Minutes Uploaded on March 1, 2022


Minutes of the meeting of Dutton Parish Council, held at Dutton Hall, on Wednesday 26th January 2022.


Present: Councillors J Hargreaves (Chairman), M Collinge (by zoom), E Parker, A. H Penny, and M Whalley, Clerk Mrs C Penny, Volunteer assistant N Poovathumkadavil


2201.1. Apologies for Absence Councillor Holden


2201.2.  The minutes of the meeting held on 1st December 2021 were confirmed at the meeting by the Chairman


2201.3. To consider Matters Arising from the Minutes


  1. a) Drain grills in Gallows Lane- Not aware that any clearing work has been undertaken.


  1. b) Platinum Jubilee tree planting– Discussion regarding the choice of tree to be planted to mark the queen’s Platinum jubilee continued. The Clerk to the Council, Catherine Penny, had sent out a list of potential trees to choose from and it was decided to go for the best specimen at a good price.


The preferred options were an Oak with dark ornamental foliage or Acer Crimson King.


2201.4. Planning Applications


3/2021/1233 Prior notification for replacement agricultural buildings damaged by storm for general farming use relating to livestock gathering/management and seasonal storage of agricultural machinery – all on the footprint of the existing buildings Land off Clitheroe Road Mr C Haworth


2201.5.  Reports from other organisations

Cllr Parker reported on the meeting held on 10th January 2021 at Knowle Green Village Hall. The hall has bought new curtains and poles. They have a new cleaner to clean the hall and its premises. On 3 June they are planning to have a BBQ in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. There is a short delay in starting film nights, but they are aiming to start in March. Film night membership fee is £5.00 per person and members will be charged £2.00 for a ticket thereafter.


2201.6. Finance


 HSBC now charging £5 a month bank charges for having the account plus usage fees on top 40p per cheque



2201.7. Councillor Code of Conduct 2021


The Council agreed to continue to follow the Code of Conduct which they are currently adhering to. Consideration will be given to moving to the Code of Conduct currently adopted by RVBC following Parish Council elections.




2201.8. Correspondence


  1. SSAFA- The Armed Forces Charity needs case workers and has requested that we spread the word.


  1. Lancashire Constabulary have recently started using Nice Investigate for digital management system. The system allows businesses, councils and the community to register their cameras on the community portal which will allow officers to request/receive footage digitally. This information is being shared with all local parish/town councils who may have/use CCTV systems.


  1. LCC is asking Parish/Town Councils, community associations and community groups to complete the below online survey to register their interest in creating an electric car club in their own community



2201.9. To consider any other matters brought to the meeting


Cllr Collinge suggested that the residents be made aware of the parish council website by putting a notice on the display cabinet or by putting a circular through people’s doors regarding the website.


2201.10.  Date of next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 2nd March at 7.00pm

at Dutton Hall, Gallows Lane.